By combining the latest research in health and medical wellness with modern video game technology we have created a highly effective exercise program that is improving the future of wellness by the power of play!

When exercise is fun, lasting healthy lifestyle habits can be established and obesity, cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle illnesses can be prevented or reduced. MedPlay Technologies uses the latest in exergaming technology to make exercise fun, but also employs innovative wellness and nutrition techniques to treat the multiple causes of lifestyle related diseases that currently plague modern families and society at large.

Our heartfelt desire and motivation is to champion the dreams of our children and to support the health and wellbeing of families. Our goal is to help kids of all ages create a foundation of good health, confidence, and a passion for life, from which they can overcome the challenges that face their generation and pursue their dreams. Another exciting opportunity in the industry is the rapidly growing senior citizen demographic. Research is showing that exercise, especially when combined with video game technology, is having a very positive effect on senior physical and mental health.

In our mission to reach as many at-risk children, families and seniors as possible, we have developed a model that allows us to expand rapidly by working with existing organizations to bring our services to the public.

We have worked with schools, local governments, fitness centers, gyms, senior centers, retirement and medical facilities to bring this new and innovative program to all ages.MedPlay Technologies will supply your facility and staff with everything you need, including exergaming video equipment, our unique exercise and nutrition curriculums, consultation or management services, detailed training and on-going support. Through our exergaming equipment partners, we also provide full warranty and service for any equipment or video exercise game that our Design Team installs at your location. We do all the work so that our clients can do all the play!